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The Fixcraft Pick Up head is an all new design for 2015. This is the next evolution in Fixcraft's long line of professional products.

The Pick up head is our most functional design yet for all levels of play. Clocking in at 113 grams (+/- 5 grams) the Pick up model is not designed to be light. Actually, quite the opposite. It's designed to be long lasting, and that means more plastic which means more weight. We are expecting you to drill this head out to bring the weight down. We used 4mm straight walls to make sure it's structurally sound to withstand those holes (use common sense when drilling). We doubled the hitting end thickness to a whopping 8mm thick, and extended the chamfer ridge on the open end to 10mm. This head is simply overbuilt in every way shape and form, and will be the work horse you need to last you the entire season.

The Pick up head is the second model on the market to take advantage of the textured hitting surface pioneered by The Means and Fixcraft earlier in 2015. For the Pick up we went with a less aggressive cut and stopped it from rolling over the edge. Branding on the pick up utilizes a 0.5mm x 10mm recessed band on the closed end so you know which side is which at a glance. You can drop paint, tape, stickers of your choice in there as well as your head wears.

The 2015 pick up model uses fixcraft's brand new "Durolast" high end 4 million molecular weight UHMP-PE plastic. This is the longest lasting UHMW-PE formula on the market.

• 63.5 mm (2.5") outer diameter with weight saving inside wall design
• 127mm (5″) long
• 8 mm thick hitting surface at cap
• High end "Durolast" 4 million molecular weight UHMW-PE construction
• Precision CNC Machined
• 3 predrilled mounting positions
• 113 (+/-5) Grams