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As hardcourt bike polo continues to borrow technology from other sports with more R&D dollars, the grip was the obvious next step. Don’t be mistaken though, the Fixcraft Polo Shaft Grip is not just a golf grip with a logo on it. Although we are piggy backing the technology in the rubber from golf, the difference is the grip is bigger, and designed to fit 18mm diameter shafts.

The benefits of using a grip made out of rubber designed for the golf community, is the absolute amazing handling. These are designed to be grippy, but NOT sticky in all conditions including wet ones (ie: sweat, rain, etc).

The od of the grip is 1″, and is 10.75″ long. It weighs only 53 grams. Each Polo Shaft Grip comes with a plug that fits 18mm diameter shafts for safety. In color black only.