Fixcraft Bike Polo Mallet Damper


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Created by an aerospace structural engineer for military fighter jets, the simple, elegant design is easy to install into the Fixcraft rubber grip in seconds and requires no special tools.

The Fixcraft Damper absorbs unwanted vibrations from ball strikes. This not only enhances the feel of the strike, but it also can help with tennis elbow and hand fatigue.

Let's get real, we didn't believe this when it was first pitched to us either. We knew the technology was very much patented, and the inventor a genius, but we had our doubts how it would translate to Polo. The easiest way to tell it's working is before you even play, actually when you throw in. Listen carefully, your friends poles sound like tuning forks. When we threw ours in it just made a clicking noise, no prolonged vibrations. After playing with it for months, we noticed it made our hits that connected feel different, better. It also follows the same basic common sense other sport dampers use in reducing vibrations in relation to your body.

Tips: The Fixcraft Damper has to be installed into a fixcraft or other golf style club grip with NO plug underneath. It has to be able to enter the shaft with no restriction. The od of the damper overlaps the shaft od, so it acts as a plug for safety. If you do not like golf club grips, you can use the bottom 2" of a golf grip as your plug end and put hockey tape like normal over it. During our prolonged testing period we had no issues with the damper falling out, however it works with a small amount of silicone glue on the underside to adhere it to the grip if you wish.

• Steel construction
• 10 Grams
• Black only