The Means "MIRAGE" V2 Bike Polo Mallet Head

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“It helps optimize manipulation. Not just lifting the ball but spin control as well.” - Nick Vaughan

The Means and Fixcraft have designed the Mirage to add more control to your shot. Based on Golf Driver designs, we quite simply cut texture into the hitting surface, creating friction on hard shots, while simultaneously leaving your light touch shots alone. Skilled players will quickly learn to manipulate the ball for more consistent top shelf shots, and even putting spin on the ball.

At Fixcraft we like to think of it like griptape on a skateboard. Having griptape doesn't make you able to ollie all of a sudden, but once you know how to ollie you wouldn't want to ride a board without it. Same concept with the Mirage. It doesn't make iffy shots good all of a sudden, but for those that utilize chip shots for top shelf goals having a little something something there to help is much appreciated in the heat of battle.

Clocking in at only 80 grams. The low weight is achieved by running 2.5mm straight walls, and shortening the reinforced center to save precious grams. The open end is reinforced with a deep chamfer for more contact and control when hitting with the open end. It is designed to match the angles of a ball, so scooping is the easiest it's ever been with this new model. Seriously, scooping is not second nature and requires no skill. The extra reinforced area also helps longevity and keep it's shape better.

Fixcraft made the following updates to the V2 Mirage model.
• New longer lasting UHMW-PE plastic. The longest lasting on the market, period.
• More aggresive texture on the closed hitting end.
• Richer orange color to more closely match the Fixcraft Canadian orange ball.

The Mirage uses as little High impact plastic as possible for weight savings. It is designed to meets the high standards and needs of top level players.

• 63.5 mm (2.5") outer diameter with weight saving inside wall design
• 127mm (5″) long
• 6.35 mm thick hitting surface at cap
• High end "Durolast" 4 million molecular weight UHMW-PE construction
• Precision CNC Machined
• 3 predrilled mounting positions
• 80 Grams