Mosquito V3 SHORT 4.50" Unibody Bike Polo Mallet Head


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The Mosquito V3 Unibody Bike Polo Mallet Head aims to bring fun back to the forefront of polo. With the maximum legal outer diameter, hitting and scooping doesn't get any easier. Increase your ability to pull the ball off the side boards on the fly, or find precise hitting contact on the ball, this mallet aims to give everyone the chance to play some hero-polo. Ball control is what the Mosquito game is about, and this head gives full control.

Based off of the groundbreaking work Northern Standard Bike Polo Equipment pioneered and Magic Bike Polo continued, the first thing you'll notice is the hourglass shape of the head. This is designed to give the player extra control while dribbling or shuffling the ball on the broad side. We updated a few interior dimensions for wear longevity from the V1 model previously available, and added a light touch texture on the hitting side.

Fixcraft uses an incredibly durable UHMW-PE called Durolast in all of our bike polo mallet head construction. It's a name brand, 4 million molecular weight plastic. The difference between a Fixcraft Durolast made mallet and standard plastic others use is like night and day.

• 65mm (2.55") OD
• 114mm (4.5") Length
• 81 Grams
• Durolast high end UHMW-PE construction exclusive to Fixcraft
• Textured hitting surface
• Chamfer open end for scooping
• 3 mounting positions for longevity