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Hand protection is one of the most important in Hardcourt Bike Polo, and there is no shortage of options we can borrow from other sports.

The most popular being the Youth Franklin STX glove because of it's low profile and inexpensive price. The problem is that these are youth sized gloves and stop at size Medium. If you have larger hands you are out of luck because the next size up options lack a low profile, or low price.

Here's where Fixcraft steps in. We created the missing Large size to this wildly popular glove style, and along the way made a few upgrades to the outer cover, palm, and fingers. Sizing is easy. Is the franklin glove too small for you? Then this is what you need. We are calling this our 13" glove, but if you have a 12" hand this fits too.

Notice the cuff on the back folds under for more maneuverability up and down with your wrist. And we added rubber to the thumb, index, and middle finger for added grip and durability. The middle and index fingers are also touch capacitive, so they work on your smart phones, but we think working on a phone with these might be harder than the sport of polo itself.

We upgraded everything we could while still being able to keep this price point. Becasue of this, reinforcing your gloves with shoe goo, extra leather, etc will still apply to these gloves when you start seeing wear.

Don't throw the packaging bag away, that's designed for you to wash your glove in cold water with.

• 10mm High Density EVA foam construction
• 0.8 mm thick durable microfiber palm
• Durable light weight nylon outer
• Breathable knit finger gussets
• fits hands size 12" to 13"
• rubber reinforced thumb, index, and middle finger
• 100% vegan